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Connection Information

Any and all residents or businesses requesting to connect to the Montgomery County Regional Sewer District sanitary sewer service must be approved to connect by the District and issued a Connection Permit to do so. To apply for a Connection Permit, please fill out The Connection Permit Application Form and Sewer Inquiry Form and mail in with the following applicable payments. The Sewer District requires a one-time Capacity Fee of $1,500.00 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) for each connection. In addition, the following table provides the permit and inspection fee prices.

Single-family Residential:Multi-family Residential:Commercial / Industrial:

Please mail your forms to:

Montgomery County Regional Sewer District
110 W South Boulevard
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
You may also email your forms to

The District will review your application to calculate associated fees. Once your application has been approved, our accounting department will send you an invoice for the Connection and Permitting Fees. 

Connection Inspections

The District requires that your connection to the sewer is inspected by the District Engineer prior to filling in the completed construction. To schedule a connection inspection, please call the District Administrator.

Phone: 260-224-5936

Connection Specifications

Below are the District’s Connection Standards and Grinder Pump specifications for users and their contractors. Only the Grinder Pump Station make and model specified is authorized to be installed to the District’s Collection System. Uniform grinder stations ensure that the Collection System operates correctly and prevents damage to the system.

Standard Construction Details & Specifications

Grinder Pump Station Specifications

Change of Ownership

If you have relocated or recently moved into a property served by the Sewer District, please fill out the Change of Ownership Form and email to or mail in to:
Montgomery County Regional Sewer District
110 W South Boulevard
Crawfordsville, IN 47933