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Mace and Linnsburg Project

UPDATE: As of August 2023, all work on the Mace and Linnsburg projects are suspended due to lack of SRF funding. The district is currently investigating alternative funding options and preparing to reapply for an SRF grant in 2024. 
In mid 2023, a county drainage project unearthed multiple illegal septic discharge connections from residences in Mace and Linnsburg. Publicly available information and reports from the Montgomery County Health Department indicate that failing or non-compliant septics are quite prevalent in the communities of Mace and Linnsburg. Failing septics present a serious environmental and public health concern as the e-coli levels and runoff from household chemicals seep into waterways and even drinking wells.
The RSD is working on creating a solution now before this problem becomes a threat to the local environment or the inhabitability of homes in the area. The installation of sanitary sewer from the wastewater treatment plant to Mace and Linnsburg is the most cost effective and community wide solution for this issue. We are working with other county agencies to plan a funding strategy and apply for state and federal grants for this project.
We are currently in the information gathering and planning phase. A project of this nature typically takes 18-24 months to complete. Please check this webpage for updates.
Informational Letter for Residents of Mace and Linnsburg.
If you have questions about your septic system, you may contact the Montgomery County Health Department at 765-361-4127.
For a map of the proposed sewer line and project area see the map below.